Acquisition Searches and Pricing to the extent you require assistance, you can have ValuCorp find and price the acquisition of a business. Such services may include:

  • Searching and assisting you in locating and determining appropriate values to be paid for a target business.
  • Setting criteria in terms of location, price range, industries and size of operation.
  • Analyzing your financial situation to recommend the most appropriate business and deal structure.
  • Providing financial advice to management regarding negotiations with third parties and amount of financings, structure, terms and conditions, and tax implications.
  • Assisting you in presenting your CBM to various third parties.
  • Meeting with various third parties to assess the feasibility and terms of proposed transactions.

What to expect:

The preparation of a comprehensive informational package (the “Confidential Business Memorandum” or “CBM”), in order to present you and your company in the most favorable light as possible to Targets, banks, intermediaries and other third parties. Your CBM should be prepared in a way that best shows the strengths of your business.