Joining the ValuCorp™ Business Advisor Network helps you expand your Financial Advisory practice and improve your client acquisition success rate by using Business Valuations and Intellectual Property Appraisals as the foundation for growing the value of a Business Owners’ enterprise. The same tools can be employed to assess and prescribe strategies for value growth in your own practice.

ValuCorp™ allows Network members to use our trademarks, logos, sample reports, and marketing materials to promote your ValuCorp™ Business Advisor capabilities to existing clients, prospective clients and influencers such a CPAs, lawyers, bankers and accountants. We do not transfer assets or intellectual property beyond the use for each engagement. The relationship is at-will and may be cancelled by either party at any time.

Under the terms our agreement:

  • We help you expand cash flow, client services, and markets by providing top-tier valuation service to your service capabilities.
  • You may elect to co-brand reports ValuCorp™ produces for your clients.
  • You may participate in each referred engagement as you see fit, liaising with ValuCorp™ valuation experts and company personnel or other advisors.
  • You will be eligible for compensation for performing aspects of the engagement such as interviews, document collection, and data input.
  • You will receive open access to customized and updated marketing materials and support for ValuCorp™ products or services.
  • You may choose to assign all the preparation work to the ValuCorp™ office in Scottsdale, Arizona to relieve any burden on your staff.
  • You may choose to be listed as a Network member on our website.

Individuality – Each party retains their individuality and they select which engagements to perform under the Membership agreement. Both companies in our Membership maintain their separate identities for all purposes, and co-author as agreed upon.

The Membership operates as:

  • Separate companies with a shared interest and goals.
  • Separate companies retaining their proprietary ownership interest.
  • Income and expenses are shared on a case-by-case mutual agreement.

The purpose is for two businesses to work together: The Network member and ValuCorp™, while still maintaining the rest of their business apart from each other and operating as separate entities: there may or may not be co-authoring of each engagement.


  • Marketing successes. ValuCorp™ has experienced professionals, broad industry expertise in many industries, and proven marketing strategies.
  • Brand equity. Highly regarded by investors, business buyers and sellers, CPAs and lawyers.
  • Combined expertise. In marketing to your client base and professional relationships, expansion possibilities are endless.
  • New revenue source. While protecting client relationship.
  • Additional value-added services. The Member has more products/services to sell without making an investment of increased personnel or creating new deliverables:
    • Business Valuation research.
    • Intangible Appraisal methodology.
    • Fairness Opinions as to whether the price is fair from a financial point of view.
    • Blueprint for Building Value™ for growing the value of a business.
    • Roadmap to Liquidity™ for cash realization that determines the best type of transaction and financing for a company and a plan to obtain it.
    • Strategic Planning for Value Growth™ that guides all stakeholders.
    • First look at ValuCorp™ offerings of business for sale or investment opportunities.
    • Succession Planning vs. Exit Planning for the SME (small to medium-enterprise).
    • Back-office capabilities with large bandwidth to support all your report.

Members merely agree to the following:

  • You continue to operate and market under your own marketing and operations as you see fit.
  • We share in making decisions about any prospective client engagement.
  • We advise each other on the requirements of each client engagement.
  • We provide you guidance on the work required.
  • We aid with your role as an independent contractor.
  • Compensation to a member is based upon the member’s chosen role and time commitment to the engagement.
  • Our membership may have some similarity to a partnership, but it is not; it is a sharing on a case-by-case basis.
  • The Members become a consortium—a loose arrangement of Financial Advisors, CPAs, lawyers, and bankers—distinct business entities, not a new entity.
  • Engagements letter for each referred assignment spell out the scope of work, details and purpose of the engagement, and the fees involved.
  • For a small monthly participation fee, you receive a nationwide territory – no limit on where sales can be made, even foreign countries.


Members may be individuals, corporations, and other business entities. Each of us provides the other a basic good faith duty to exercise reasonable care and honest dealing in all the activities connected with the Membership. The good faith duty requires the parties to:

  • Cooperate with the other parties to reach their stated business goals
  • Utilize the appropriate degree of skill and care when performing individual tasks
  • Avoid disrupting or thwarting the aims of the Membership
  • Exercise diligence and prudence when receiving and paying out shared funds
  • Avoid actions which are motivated by personal gain that may hurt the Membership
  • Disclose information, faithfully and fully, that may be necessary for each selected engagement. The continues to exist through completion of the Membership. Throughout, each party maintains full and complete ownership of each client.
  • Terminate duties after the business venture has been completely concluded and “wound-up”.


Membership in the ValuCorp™ Business Advisor Network gives you access to a full suite of business planning tools to offer your business owner clients. Each tool employs powerful analytics customized to your client’s business, used alone or in in combination according to your client’s purpose and objectives in the engagement.

Products include:

    • Business Valuations – 60+ page reports determining the value of a business enterprise or ownership interest therein by a credentialed expert.
    • Intangible Appraisals – Identifies, allocates and quantifies the value of company’s many Intangible Assets, Patents, Brands, Copyrights, Customer base, and other Intellectual Property Assets.
    • Fairness Opinions – An independent qualified third-party financial expert’s statement as to the “fairness”, from a financial point of view of a specified financial transaction.
    • Solvency Opinions – A financial opinion usually issued for lenders before committing a loan to close a transaction to address certain financial tests of solvency.
    • ESOP Services – Feasibility study, business valuation and fairness opinion.
    • Due Diligence Report – The investigation or exercise of care to validate an investment and analysis of investment considerations in alternative investments for Registered Investment Advisors, Broker Dealers & Family Offices.
    • Blueprint for Building Value™ – Quantifies the financial value of a business, analyzes the business, interprets your vision, and effectively communicate this information to key stakeholders. This tool will improve business performance and heighten your degree of confidence to make the best capital markets decision.
    • Value Adding Navigator™ – Identifies the different factors that drive and impact the values of the company that make a business more or less attractive to lenders, buyers, and investors, distinguishing the value of the subject business from its counterparts in its industry.
    • Strategic Planning for Value Growth™ – Aligns individual, organizational, and cross-departmental initiatives to identify and improve processes for meeting customer and shareholder objectives.
    • Liquidity Roadmap™ – A plan for SMEs designed to identify and achieve their financial, personal and estate planning goals by maximizing the opportunities to obtain liquidity for the business or the SME owner.
    • Business Continuity Plan – Based on two goals: (1) business as usual during strategic planning or a capital markets transaction, and (2) disaster recovery planning. Both include Step-By-Step Business Impact Analysis, Risk Assessment, and more.
    • ValuScore™ – The Enterprise Valuation Ranking.
    • Asset Allocation Appraisal – provides a basis for establishing the value of tangible and intangible assets of a company for accounting, tax, insurance, transactional and other purposes:
  • Goodwill Impairment (ASC 350)
  • Intangible Asset Impairment (ASC 360)
  • Stock-based Compensation (ASC 718)
  • Derivative Valuation (ASC 815)
  • Portfolio Valuation (ASC 820)
  • Purchase Price Allocation (PPA) (ASC 805)
  • Fresh Start Accounting (ASC 852)
  • Fairness & Solvency Opinion
Introductory Offer Expires: 5/31/2021


ValuCorp™ valuators are ASA certified experts, producing accurate, technical, and timely opinions of enterprise values and minority interests. Three levels of complexity allow you to tailor client needs and fees. These engagements often lead to immediate life insurance sales and open pathways to more sophisticated analytics and product sales.


This engagement contrasts the current Fair Market Value of the business as determined by the Valuation to the owner’s retirement and liquidity goals. It fills the ValuGap™ with strategies, timelines, and benchmarks to reach those goals, identifying ValuDrivers™ to fuel growth and assigning a ValuScore™ at each interim checkpoint in the Blueprint.


ValuCorp™ will never produce Black Box automated estimates of fair market value. Our ASA credentialed valuation professionals blend the science and art of valuation to craft technical, timely, and accurate opinions in accordance with US and International standards. You are welcome to co-brand the reports with us, and use our logos, trademarks, and approved materials in your practice.


As a ValuCorp™ Business Advisor, you’ll become a trusted resource for your clients, their lawyers, bankers, CPA’s, EA’s, and even investors. We’ll help you take your networking to a new level, with print and PowerPoint decks you can confidently use in casual meetings or in structured, professional presentations, seminars, and webinars.


Monday morning webinars address the fundamentals of valuation and its leverage in the lucrative business owner segment of your practice. Open to all ValuCorp™ Business Advisors, they’re great forums for sharing ideas, asking questions, and sharpening your skills in building value for your client, as well as for your own advisory practice. One on one coaching is also available.

Liquidity Roadmap™

The ultimate long-term engagement building upon the Blueprint. Includes Capital Markets Analysis, scenarios for sale/merger /ESOP plus other liquidity strategies as well as tax minimization and recommendations.