Our valuation and economic expertise is used for damage analysis and expert testimony to provide an opinion as to losses. Our experts have opined and testified in the following areas:

Lost Business Profit Analysis:

  • Total Business Loss
  • Forced Market Exit/Shutdown
  • Exclusion from Market Entry
  • Loss of Business Opportunity
  • Partial or Temporary Business Loss
  • Product or Service Line Loss
  • Business Decline
  • Business Interruption
  • Delay in Market Entry
  • Diminished Robustness of Market Entry/Growth

Lost Personal Earnings Analysis

  • Closely Held Corporation Securities Value
  • Total or Partial Loss of Personal Income
  • Total or Partial Loss of Value of Benefits
  • Loss of the Value of the Household Services of a Breadwinner
  • Loss of the Values of the Services of a Housewife
  • Loss or Diminished Value of Personal Property and Assets
  • Failure to Timely Receive Payments, Benefits, Claims

Presentation of Damages Expert Testimony

  • Critical Review of Damages and Related Economic Issues in –
  • Economist Expert Reports and Testimony
  • Decisions and Rulings in Trials and Appellate Courts
  • Preparation Assistance Pertaining to Economic Damages
  • Interrogatories and Discovery Requests
  • Questions for Cross Examination of Economist Experts
  • Explanation of Economic Issues in the Appeal Process