Economic Analysis of Damages valuation and economic expertise is used for damage analysis and expert testimony to provide an opinion as to losses. Experts opine and testify in the following areas:

 Lost Business Profits Analysis

  • Total Business Loss
    • Forced Market Exit/Shutdown
    • Exclusion from Market Entry
    • Loss of Business Opportunity
    • Partial or Temporary Business Loss
    • Product or Service Line Loss
    • Business Decline
    • Business Interruption
    • Delay in Market Entry
    • Diminished Robustness of Market Entry/Growth

Other Economic Analyses Pertaining to Damages

  • Fair Market Price or Value
  • Going Concern Value
  • Loss of Reasonable Royalties
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • Loss of Product, Goods in Process, or Raw Materials

Lost Personal Earnings Analysis

  • Closely Held Corporation Securities Value
  • Total or Partial Loss of Personal Income
  • Total or Partial Loss of Value of Benefits
  • Loss of the Value of the Household Services of a Breadwinner
  • Loss of the Values of the Services of a Housewife
  • Loss or Diminished Value of Personal Property and Assets
  • Failure to Timely Receive Payments, Benefits, or Claims

What to expect:

  • Critical Review of Damages and Related Economic Issues in –
    • Economist Expert Reports and Testimony
    • Decisions and Rulings in Trials and Appellate Courts
  • Preparation Assistance Pertaining to Economic Damages
    • Interrogatories and Discovery Requests
    • Questions for Cross Examination of Economist Experts
    • Explanation of Economic Issues in the Appeal Process