Is a ValuCorpJoint Venture Right for You?

What is a ValuCorp Joint Venture?

The ValuCorp Joint Venture is a cooperative enterprise designed to help you and your company expand your Financial Advisory and/or CPA practice by using Business Valuations and Intellectual Property Appraisals as the foundation of many offerings.

ValuCorp allows you, the Joint Venturer, to use our trademarks, logos, sample reports, and marketing materials to promote your new valuation capabilities on a case-by-case basis. We do not transfer assets or intellectual property beyond the use for each engagement. The relationship is at-will and may be cancelled by either party at any time.

Under the terms our agreement,

  • We help you expand cash flow, client services, and markets by providing top-tier valuation service to your service capabilities
  • You have the option to use the ValuCorp logo or trademark, as pre-approved by ValuCorp
  • You can operate and market under your own name or that of ValuCorp, as pre-approved by ValuCorp
  • You receive open access to continually updated marketing materials and support for all ValuCorp products or services
  • You can choose to assign all the preparation work to the ValuCorp office in Scottsdale, Arizona to relieve any burden on your staff
  • You may choose to be included on the ValuCorp website:

Individuality – Each party retains their individuality and they select which engagements to perform under the Joint Venture agreement. Both companies in our Joint Venture maintain their separate identities for all purposes, and co-author as agreed upon.

The Joint Venture operates as:

  • Separate companies with a shared interest and goals
  • Separate companies retaining their proprietary ownership interest
  • Income and expenses are shared on a case-by-case mutual agreement

The purpose is for two businesses to work together: The Joint Venturer and ValuCorp, while still maintaining the rest of their business apart from each other and operating as separate entities: there may or may not be co-authoring of each engagement.

If you currently have a Business Valuation capability, what are the advantages of a Joint Venture with ValuCorp?

  • Add marketing successes. ValuCorp has experienced professionals, broad industry expertise in many industries, and proven marketing strategies
  • Brand equity. Highly regarded by investors and business buyers and sellers
  • Combined expertise. In marketing to your client based and professional relationships, expansion possibilities are endless
  • New revenue source. While protecting client relationship
  • Additional value-added services. The Joint Venturer has more products/services to sell without making an investment of increased personnel or creating new deliverables
    • Business Valuation research
    • Intangible Appraisal methodology
    • Fairness Opinion as to whether the price is fair from a financial point of view
    • Blueprint for Building Value™ for growing the value of a business
    • Roadmap to Liquidity™ for cash realization that determines the best type of financing for a company and a plan to obtain it
    • Strategic Planning for Value Growth™ that guides all stakeholder
    • First look at ValuCorp offerings of business for sale or investment opportunities
    • Succession Planning vs. Exit Planning for the SME
    • Back-office capabilities with large bandwidth to support all your reports

The Joint Venturer merely agrees to the following:

  • The agreement spells out the details of the purpose, how the two parties share in fees
  • How the parties share in making decisions about any new Joint Venture agreements
  • We do not tell you how to do the work required.
  • We aid with your role as an independent contractor.
  • The Joint Venturers become a consortium—a loose arrangement between our respective and distinct business entities, not a new entity
  • Each party is responsible for their own taxes
  • Our Joint Venture may have some similarity to a partnership, but it’s not; it’s a sharing a single business entity formed with you
  • Our Joint Venture Agreement, also known as a Co-Venture Agreement, is used for our temporary business relationship (Joint Venture) for the purpose of clarity and achieving a mutual goal; it sets out the terms and obligations of the members and the joint venture
  • You can operate and market conduct under your own marketing and operations as you see fit
  • We only tell you what the job is that needs to be done for each engagement
  • For a small monthly participation fee you receive a nationwide territory – no limit on where sales can be made, even foreign countries

What Are the Fiduciary Duties Owed in a Joint Venture?

Joint Ventures may be individuals, corporations, and other business entities. Each of us provides the other a basic fiduciary duty to exercise reasonable care in all the activities connected with the Joint Venture. The fiduciary duty requires the parties to:

  • Cooperate with the other parties in order to reach their stated business goals
  • Utilize the appropriate degree of skill and care when performing individual tasks
  • Avoid disrupting or thwarting the aims of the Joint Venture
  • Exercise diligence and prudence when receiving and paying out shared funds
  • Avoid actions which are motivated by personal gain that may hurt the Joint Venture
  • Faithfully and fully disclose information that may be necessary for each selected engagement. The fiduciary duty continues to exist through completion of the Joint Venture. Fiduciary duties terminate after the business venture has been completely terminated and “wound-up”.