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Next Level Financing™

A. Structure and modification on a case by case basis.

This proprietary bank instrument structure is designed to capitalize business projects, including start-ups, expansion, enterprise or minority share acquisition, bridge loans to IPOs.

  1. The customized loan structure facilitates the borrower company’s ability to repay the loan.
  2. Size and structure are determined on an individual basis; minimum loan is $250,000 no maximum.
  3. Structure is based on an appropriate budget that shows sufficient funds and projected ability for repayment.
  4. Borrower shall be provided with a Performance Guarantee from a financial institution working with the Lender. Performance Guarantee’s capitalization will be made to fund the loan and funds will be made available to Borrower in accordance with the Loan Agreement. Performance Guarantee will make funding available no later than 45 banking days from receiving Borrower/Asset Provider’s asset funds. Historically funding for the loan is made within 30 days. Performance Guarantees, if any problems arise for any reason and funds for loan are not available within 45 banking days, the Lender shall return the $500,000 plus interest at the prime rate plus 2%. prime plus (August 14, 2020 3.25%).
  5. Lender shall receive mutually agreed-to options (the right to purchase existing shares of the company’s stock from the company at current FMV); or, warrants (the right to purchase shares at current FMV that will be created in the future).
  6. Example scenario:
    • For a loan of $5.0 million; the borrower company places $500,000 with the lender.
    • Approval in days, loan will be received within 30 banking days.
    • A mutually agreeable warrant coverage feature.
    • Principal is straight line amortization based on the term selected by the borrower. Interest is payable on the unpaid balance.
    • The $500,000 is applied to principal and the loan amortizes $4,500,000 with simple interest at U.S. Treasury Bill (T-Bill CMT) rates, fixed equal payments of 5 – 10 years for start-ups and 10 – 20 years for mature companies.
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      8/14/2020 0.13 0.14 0.18 0.29 0.51 0.71 0.96 1.21

B. Conversation with borrower – about the structure of the loan with the loan originator and/or ValuCorp.

C. Submission Required of Applicant:

  1. Business name and address, website, telephone, contact person, email.
  2. Executive Summary/brief description of the business.
  3. Management experience in the industry.
  4. Past 12 months (or redacted bank statements) and next year budgeted cash flow, recent tax returns or financial statements; a Business Valuation or due diligence package will expedite the process.
  5. Use of funds and show the company’s current and projected cash flow repayment ability for the selected term.
  6. What the loan is for and what it will add to the company’s bottom line.
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to improve society in some way, and how it will affect the social environment.
  8. Indication of how this financing could take the business to the next level.
  9. Mutually signed NDA will be executed.
  10. At the appropriate time (a) credit score review, no minimum with explanations – “soft credit inquiry”, and (b) a color copy of passport (preferred), or Driver’s License for a background check.

D. Accepted companies receive a Loan Agreement that includes term of years, interest rate, amortization schedule, and form of letter from the selected Financial Institution.

E. Features

  1. No collateral loans are available.
  2. No restrictions on use of funds for approved general business purposes.
  3. No personal guarantee.
  4. No prepayment penalties.
  5. No application or upfront fees.
  6. No limit on appropriate timing for additional borrowing as needed.
  7. No interference with any other financing.
  8. No business longevity requirement—start-up pre-revenue may be accepted.


ValuCorp™ does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or any other information displayed or distributed regarding this Next Level Financing™ program. The estimates and data contained herein are made using the information provided by a lender. ValuCorp™ has not attempted to confirm this information for accuracy or completeness. The borrower should conduct its own due diligence. This information is the intellectual property of ValuCorp™ and the information provided herein is provided for internal use only and may not be copied or redistributed for any reason.