Market Research, Sales Tracking and Reporting Strategic Marketing

Superior results often depend on superior research including a thorough investigation of the marketing variables pertaining to your development. Our PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALIST works with you to identify target markets, opportunities and available market niches. We research comparative data on competitive projects throughout the absorption period, as well as track and analyze MLS data. Led by seasoned executives, our real estate market research team delivers a timely, actionable picture of the playing field.

Once sales begin, we constantly track and analyze your position using a proprietary software system based on the very latest relational database technologies. This state-of-the-art “real time” system monitors sales results down to the smallest demographic detail, creating a file on each and every prospect and buyer from the moment they walk in the door through closing. With this vast array of information at our disposal, Our PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALIST is able to continuously track performance, analyze activity and predict future trends.


After 30 years, our PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALISTs have something of a gift for spotting real estate sales superstars. We only recruit the best with a demonstrable history of project-sales success. We arm them with the tools they need to attract buyers and close sales. Under our employ and guidance, our on-site specialists act as your exclusive “in house” sales and marketing team. That means they are dedicated to selling your product and your product only. Our unique point of view and approach to selling is based on techniques honed by literally hundreds of thousands of sales interviews. These methods and skills are passed on in one-on-one training and closely monitored.

Our PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALIST does not consider sales training merely an event, but rather an on-going process. When combined with the appropriate application of incentives and motivation, this results in our salespeople consistently outperforming the competition.

image7What if your project was literally built to sell?  If its design was pre-planned to appeal to specific target market segments, with floor plans, finishes and price points that encourage the whole project to be absorbed by the market proportionately, with no units lagging behind or disrupting your timing projections?

Applying research-driven data to create a market-driven product design is a process commonly known as “marketecture.”  Our PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALIST, a “marketecture” expert, works closely with you and your architect to create a product with strong built-in appeal, aesthetics and functionality, as well as a carefully engineered product/price tradeoff. We then work with your team to translate these ideas into reality and provide revenue projections, monthly absorption and a line-item marketing budget throughout the sales cycle.

Communicating with the public is one of the most important elements of real estate marketing. Image is everything and real estate marketing can make or break a property. That’s why our PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALIST blends traditional and innovative techniques to keep your property in the public eye and on message. We are experts in helping your property get the attention it deserves. A thoughtfully planned brand identity, effective ads and an appealing sales center help convert visitors into buyers. Out PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALIST ensures your marketing is cost-effective, results-driven, and of superior quality.

image8Contract Administration

No deal can be considered a success unless it clears each and every hurdle. For that reason, Our PROJECT-MARKETING SPECIALIST hires and supervises seasoned contract administration professionals and closely manages the sales process from the time a contract is executed until the final disbursement of the sales proceeds in order to minimize problems and expedite closings.


We coordinate with your legal counsel to ensure compliance with local real estate law, monitor the accuracy of all contract documents, stay in touch with buyers, keep track of contingencies, and facilitate the necessary flow of information between buyers, lenders, attorneys, accountants and other ownership representatives.


Our REAL ESTATE LEGAL SPECIALIST concentrates his practice in the area of Real Estate, with an emphasis on Real Estate Transactions and Condominium and Planned Unit Development Law. During his 40 years of practicing law, he has assisted developers to formulate development plans for residential, commercial and mixed-use developments and has drafted documentation for hundreds of developments, mainly in the Chicago metropolitan area.

He has also assisted developers, builders lenders and investors in evaluating troubled, stalled or failed projects and developing strategies to revise the development plan and documents in order to give the development the best possible chance for successful resumption and completion.

For a number of years, our REAL ESTATE LEGAL SPECIALIST has been voted a Best Lawyer, Leading Lawyer and Super Lawyer and designated by the Leading Lawyer’s Network as one of the top ten real estate lawyers in Chicago and the Chicago suburbs.

He has authored numerous published works relevant to his practice areas, which are available upon request.