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ValuGap™—Analytics to Fill the Gap between Current FMV of a Business and the Owner’s Liquidity Goals

For the Business Owner:

Our ValuGap™ Analysis defines the gap between the current Business Valuation elements of an enterprise and the Owner’s income and asset goals post-liquidity transaction (defined as annual income in combination with other retirement-oriented assets).

The ValuGap™ Analysis:

  • Quantifies the amount the ownership of a Small to Medium Enterprise will need for post-sale lifestyle.
  • Identifies the business’ ValuDrivers™ which can be calibrated to achieve short and long-term increases in enterprise value. This matrix can be integrated with the owner’s asset allocation as provided by their Financial Advisor to determine their financial readiness.
  • Launches the Blueprint for Building Value™ which includes the Business Valuation, financial, operational, and structural ValuDrivers™ and Capital Markets Alternatives.
    • Determine the timeframe, i.e., mental readiness
    • Create a Liquidity Roadmap™
    • Formulate financial projections
    • Evaluate personnel performance and recruiting efforts
    • Strategize for the transfer of ownership
    • Assess the Business Valuation’s methods and risk factors to remove or mitigate risk and soft spots