“Price is what you pay and value is what you get.”
– Warren Buffet

The ValuCorp™ Network unlocks and creates new opportunities, revenue, and value
for business owners and financial advisors.


Your guests are our guests, you are invited to learn how you, your clients, and your
projects can improve with three essential benefits with the Business Value Triangle™

As Business Owners and Financial Advisors like you struggle to reopen and
thrive in 2021, you will gain a solid foundation and methodology for

Attendees will receive a complimentary toolkit that you can use the day after the webinar.

With your own personalized Business Value Triangle™ working for you inside your company, you’ll learn to ramp up your opportunities, revenues, and value this year.
Don’t miss your chance to take your business to the next level.

OUR AGENDA Part that will be customized for you:

We assist Business Owners, Investors, Buyers and Sellers:

  • Low cost Business Valuation – highest  professional credentials
  • Efficient deferral of transaction taxes – 40+ years
  • Best loan terms for most any business – no personal guarantee
  • For companies seeking investors – social media daily to millions of financial readers

WEBINAR 1: How many buyers for every seller?

As a buyer, you will learn strategies for putting the odds in your favor in a competitive marketplace. The most successful buyers can locate the ideal seller, accurately understand and value the opportunity, and execute effectively once you take control. This webinar will cover how to:

  • Tell your story as a buyer and find the best fit that is on your terms, at the right time, at the right price and with the right financing.
  • Value the IP and hidden assets and create a tax advantaged transaction
  • Fill the ValuGap™ with stock options and phantom stock
  • Obtain the best loan terms
  • Understand the opportunity today and what can be leveraged to create more value in the future

WEBINAR 2: How sellers monetize their opportunity – Optimize the unique value of your business and structure your ultimate exit

As a seller, you will learn how to optimize the unique value of your business and structure your ultimate exit. The most successful sellers can find the right buyer at the right terms and with the right financing. They know their value today. understand the value drivers, and can sell the value of the future. This webinar will cover how to:

  • Understand the value that is unique to your business
  • Source the right buyer
  • Maximize the value of your Intellectual Property
  • Get positioned to sell all or part of your business
  • Expand your markets, add new clients during the process, and execute better, leading to increased revenue and EBITDA.
  • Monetize the persistency of your cash flows on a tax-deferred basis

WEBINAR 3: How Financial Advisors can enhance their capacity to monetize and better serve Business-Owner clients.

As a financial advisor, you will learn to enhance your capacity to monetize and better serve your business owners. Financial advisors are often the most trusted advisor a business owner can have. They not only provide insight on how to manage growth and risk, they often also advise on the business in general. In this webinar you will learn how to enhance your revenues and extend your engagements while you simultaneously better serve your business-owner clients, helping them to:

  • Drive long-term success
  • Achieve goals and objectives
  • Achieve better alignment, accountability, and execution
  • Generate more referrals and maximize their network